Creating a Snippet Based on Grouped Operations

The Group tool allows you to select multiple tasks and group them. Select multiple tasks and click the Group tool above the list of steps. Select the group and click Ungroup to remove the group and display the individual steps without a grouping. These tools are also available in the right-click menu. When selecting grouped operations for a snippet, keep in mind the following:

  • If you select a group parent, its children are automatically included, even if you don’t select them. The parent/child relationship is maintained in the saved snippet.

  • Selecting the children, but not the group parent, dissolves the parent/child relationship. The selected child operations do not appear under a group parent in the saved snippet.

  • If you select a group parent and some, but not all, of its children, the selection includes only the group parent and the selected children. The parent/child relationship of the selected children is maintained in the saved snippet.

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