Select Weather Layers

Once you have an SE Weather Web Services account, you can add weather layers to your map using the Select Weather Layers tool.
  1. Click the Select Weather Layers button to open the Configure Weather Settings window.
    The window contains three sections of information: Region, Layers, and Account Information.
  2. In the Account Information section, type the account name (email) and password for your account or free trial.
  3. In the Region section, select either US/Canada or World from the drop-down list.
    The Region selection determines what layers are available.
  4. In the Layers section, select the weather layers that you want to load.

    The layers change based on the Region that you select. All layers for each region are selected by default. You can deselect a layer to prevent it from being loaded.

    NOTE: Each layer has a default visibility and visibility scale range set. Use standard ArcMap procedures to change these options.

    Layer Group Name


    Default Visibility

    Current Wind Speed and Direction

    Surface Observation Wind Speed (Miles Per Hour)



    Cloud-to-Cloud - Last 15 Min

    Cloud-to-Ground - Last 15 Min



    Storm Corridors

    Heavy Rain


    Dangerous Thunderstorms

    Possible Tornado





    Thunderstorm Forecast

    1 Hour North America Thunderstorm Forecast

    Group disabled


    US Radar - Current

    Canadian Radar - Current



    NWS Bulletins (US/Canada region only)

    US NWS Bulletins - Warnings

    US NWS Bulletins - Watches

    US NWS Bulletins - Advisories

    US NWS Bulletins - Warning Area Maximum Impact

    US NWS Bulletins - Advisory Area Maximum Impact

    Group disabled

    Storm Reports (US/Canada region only)

    Storm Reports for past 24 hours

    Group disabled

    EU Met Bulletins (World region only)

    EUMETNET Bulletins Today - Very Dangerous

    EUMETNET Bulletins Today - Dangerous

    EUMETNET Bulletins Tomorrow - Very Dangerous

    EUMETNET Bulletins Tomorrow - Dangerous

    Group disabled

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