Show Single Responder Feature

Available in ArcMap.

The Show Single Responder Feature tool allows users to select a device on the map and easily locate the corresponding incident record in Responder Explorer. You can access the Show Single Responder Feature tool from the Responder toolbar in ArcMap or by right-clicking a device in the Attribute Editor.

NOTE: Responder Explorer must be open to display incident data.
  1. In ArcMap, locate the device on the map.
  2. On the Responder toolbar, click the Show Single Responder Feature button.

    The cursor becomes a circle with a blue dot in the middle. The blue dot snaps to all selectable devices. A layer must be set as selectable before this tool can snap to its features.

  3. Click the device on the map.

    If a Responder feature (e.g. incident, tag, call) exists on the selected device, it appears in Responder Explorer. Calls are highlighted on the Calls tab and devices on the Devices tab.

    The Incidents Selected From ArcMap in My Regions (1/17 Incidents) label above the incident grid includes the number of incidents selected (1) and the total number of incidents in progress (17). To view all other incidents or calls, change the View filter. 

    NOTE: You can configure Responder Explorer to only expand and highlight the selected incident/call within the grid and keep all other incidents and calls visible as well. This functionality existed prior to 10.1.1. To return to this process, configure Responder Explorer using the steps in the Configuration Guide.

    If the device does not have a Responder feature associated with it, you'll receive a message indicating a feature could not be found.

    You can also right-click a device in the Attribute Editor and select Show Single Responder Feature.

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