Show in Incident Grid

Available in Responder Explorer.

This tool is available in various locations throughout Responder Explorer (e.g., the Crews and Dispatchers flyout windows, Calls tab, Devices tab). The Show in Incident Grid tool allows you to select an incident assigned to a crew or dispatcher, or a call on the Calls tab, or a device on the Devices tab, and easily locate the associated incident in the grid on the Incidents tab.

  1. To access the Show in Incident Grid tool, do one of the following:
    • Expand a crew in the Crews window to display the assigned incidents.

    • Expand a dispatcher in the Dispatchers window to display the assigned incidents.

    • Select the Calls tab and select a processed call (value assigned in Incident ID field).

    • Select the Devices tab and select a device.

  2. Right-click an incident, call, or device in any of the locations listed in the previous step and select Show in Incident Grid.

    The incident is displayed and expanded in the Incidents tab.

    If the incident is not shown in Responder Explorer because the applied filter removes it from the list, the below message appears. For example, the selected device has an incident with a crew assigned, but the Responder Explorer filter is set to Unassigned. The selected incident has been filtered out of the Responder Explorer display. To return the filter to Show All, select Yes. If you select No, the selected incident is not displayed in Responder Explorer.

    NOTE: Further expanding the Crew tree allows you to select Show in Devices Grid when you right-click a device to view the information on the Devices tab.
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