Configure Fiber Manager Reports

Patch Panel Connection Report

Configure either the Flexible Patch Panel Connection Report OR the Original Patch Panel Connection Report.

Regardless of which Patch Panel Connection Report you elect to configure, you must assign the PATCHLOCATIONREPORTABLE class model name to the feature class representing patch locations. This model name enables you to select the patch location feature class when using the Patch Panel Connection Report tool.

Allocation Report

While the Allocation Report does not require configuration, note that for the objects displayed in the report, their Primary Display Field setting determines the values in the Name fields and the values shown in the header row of the table. You can change the Primary Display field setting in the Field Display tab of the ArcFM Properties Manager.

Add Additional Fields to Reports

You can customize your reports in Fiber Manager by adding one or more additional fields to each report. For example, in addition to the fields that appear in the Fiber Trace Report by default, you might also want to display attribute values from the Fiber Availability, Fiber Status, and Comments fields. Or, in the Splice Report, you may want to see Device Name values and the Tray on which fibers are spliced.

Add the following field model names to any field on any feature or object class. Use the field model name that corresponds to each report.

Fiber Allocation Report


Fiber OTDR Trace Report


Fiber Circuit Trace Report


Patch Panel Connection Report


Splice Report


Fiber Trace Report


You can add the same field model name to multiple fields. The values in the fields to which these model names are assigned will appear so long as the corresponding object belongs in the fiber object hierarchy (e.g., Fiber Optic Cable > Buffer Tube > Fiber).

  1. In ArcCatalog, navigate to the feature or object class that contains the field you want to display in a report.
  2. Right-click the feature or object class and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  3. In the Field Model Names tab, select a field.
  4. From the Model Name Domain drop-down menu, select Fiber Field Model Name.
  5. From the Available pane on the lower left, scroll to one of the field model names listed above. Double click it or click the right arrow to add it to that field.
  6. Click Okay. The next time you open ArcMap and run a report, the new field will appear.
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