Configure Schematics

You can use Fiber Manager to create three types of schematics:

  • Circuit Schematics

  • Fiber Trace Schematics

  • Splice Schematics 

IMPORTANT: It is important to consider the roles and permissions of those involved in the configuration process. Only the owner of the database can create a schematic dataset. After the creation of an initial schematic dataset, any user with DBO permissions can create a schematic dataset for circuit and splice schematics, or run the Fiber Trace Schematic Configuration tool in ArcCatalog. Once a schematic dataset exists, a specific user must generate the first circuit or splice schematic diagram in ArcMap. This user must not only be the owner of the circuit or splice schematic dataset, but also have DBA permissions on the database. Only then can any user with Add, Delete, or Modify permissions generate schematic diagrams in ArcMap.

Before configuring schematics, check out the Schematics extension:

  1. In ArcCatalog, select Customize > Extensions.
  2. Check the box next to Schematics. If all licenses are in use or licenses were not purchased, then it is labeled License not available.
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