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Use the ArcGIS Import/Export tools to export the schema from the sample geodatabase (Minerville.mdb) and import it into your geodatabase by following these steps:

  1. Download the Minerville.mdb geodatabase.
    • This is available in a zip file at the same location as the latest installers.

    • Be sure to use the Minerville.mdb geodatabase that comes with your most recently installed version of ArcFM to ensure that you have the most updated data.

  2. Browse to the sample geodatabase (Minerville.mdb) in ArcCatalog.
  3. Right-click FiberDataset and select Export > XML Workspace Document.
    TIP: This action grabs all related objects, including Electric features, due to existing relationships. You can avoid this by un-relating any features from conduit.
  4. Click the Schema Only radio button.
  5. Select a path and type an XML file name. Click Next.
  6. The Export XML Workspace Document window prompts you to select the items to be exported. After making selections, click Finish.
    IMPORTANT: This export uses Minerville’s NAD1927 State Plane Colorado North FIPS 0501 coordinate system. You should reset your coordinate system, extent, map units, etc., as needed.
  7. Once the export has completed, right-click the new geodatabase and select Import > XML Workspace Document.
    IMPORTANT: You must be connected to the destination database as a user who is the data owner. You must also set appropriate permissions, and you may need to register the database as versioned.
  8. Click the Schema Only radio button.
  9. Browse to the XML document created in step 7. Click Open, then click Next.
    • The subsequent screen displays the schema to be imported.

    • Any layers in red text are not imported because the layers already exist in the geodatabase.

    • The datasets that contain these red features may be created but possibly empty. These can be deleted.

  10. Click Finish. 
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