When you add the SCHEMATICEXPORTATTRIBUTE field model name to a new field, you may need to edit the field's storage mode in the Schematic Dataset Editor, or generating schematics will result in your data not displaying.

For the example below, the SCHEMATICEXPORTATTRIBUTE field model name has been assigned to a fake BufferTubeCount field in the F_BUFFERTUBE table.

IMPORTANT: After you have assigned the field model name to the appropriate field in the table or dataset you chose, you need to run a schematic in ArcMap.

After generating a schematic in ArcMap, exit the application and launch ArcCatalog.

Using the Schematic Dataset Editor

  1. In ArcCatalog, ensure that the Schematics extension is enabled.
  2. Right-click the SpliceSchematics10 class and select Edit.
  3. Expand FiberSpliceDiagram, then expand BufferTube. Locate the BufferTube_BufferTubeCount property.


  4. For Storage Mode, ensure that Field is selected. For Evaluation Mode, ensure that On Generate/Update is selected.

  5. Close the Editor.
  6. Launch ArcMap and ensure that the Schematics extension is enabled.
  7. Load a stored display and generate a new schematic diagram.
  8. When the schematic displays, click a buffer tube.
  9. In the Attribute Editor, view the attributes and locate the BufferTube_BufferTubeCount field.

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