Upgrade Fiber Manager from a Previous Version

These instructions below are for GIS Administrators who are currently in production with Fiber Manager and want to upgrade to the most recent release. These documents do NOT apply if you are not currently using Fiber Manager and will be implementing it for the first time. If you are setting up Fiber Manager for the first time, follow the steps outlined in the Overview topic.

Customers upgrading from Fiber Manager 10.2.1a and above need to perform the following:

  1. Install ArcFM Solution Desktop 10.6.1.

  2. Install Fiber Manager 10.6.1.

Customers upgrading from a version prior to 10.2.1a need to perform the following:

  1. Check your data to ensure that all your circuits have header information (see the Fiber Header Migration PDF for best practices).

  2. If all of your circuits have header information, proceed to the next step.

  3. Install ArcFM Solution Desktop 10.6.1.

  4. Install Fiber Manager 10.6.1.

  5. Configure your geodatabase with the new circuit model, if necessary.

  6. Run the Fiber Circuit Upgrade tool if existing circuits are present in your data (review the Fiber Circuit Upgrade Tool PDF for more details).

IMPORTANT: Part of upgrading Fiber Manager involves making your geodatabase compatible with the flexible fiber data model. You have to perform this conversion only once.

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