CU Administration

The CU Administration  tool allows you to manage your compatible units (CUs) as well as create and manage filters, tags, and advisories. This section outlines the tools available in the CU Administration tool and how you can use them to best manage compatible units in your geodatabase.

Find the CU Administration Tool: The CU Administration tool must be added to a toolbar in ArcCatalog using the Customize menu. From the main menu in ArcCatalog, select Customize > Toolbars > Customize. On the Commands tab look for the CU Administration tool in the ArcFM Solution category.  

The initial launch of this tool requires that you first execute the tool on the Update Schema tab before accessing any other tabs in the CU Administration tool. This must be done before any other tools will be available. The Update Schema tool adds the tables and relationships necessary for the other tools to function properly.

IMPORTANT: If you attempt to perform an operation that requires exclusive locks (e.g., deleting filters), then there must be no users accessing the Compatible Unit Filter in ArcMap.


The Update Schema and Migrate Data tabs require the user be logged in as the owner of the system tables (e.g., SDE) as these tools create new tables. All other tools require that the login user have read/write permissions on the MM_CU_LIBRARY table.

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