Confirm Incident Device

Available in Responder Explorer.

When crews are dispatched to repair device suspected outages, they can call in to confirm that the devices are indeed inoperable. Responder Explorer allows you to confirm by right-clicking either the incident or the feature. If Confirm is not available on an incident or feature, it may already be confirmed.

When you confirm an incident, any features associated with it are also confirmed. Likewise, if all features associated with an incident are confirmed, the incident is confirmed as well.

NOTE: Incidents cannot be unconfirmed. If you unconfirm all devices on the incident, the incident is set to Probable.
  1. Right-click an incident or an incident device (electric or non-network), and then select Confirm.

    The incident or feature is confirmed automatically.

    NOTE: Incidents can also be confirmed on the Edit Incident form by selecting Yes in the Confirmed field.
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