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Some features in Fiber Manager have multiple levels of related objects. ArcMap does not support placing a feature with multiple related object levels. Therefore, Fiber Manager requires the use of Favorites for these features.

The following Fiber Manager features maintain multiple levels of related objects and should only be placed using favorites:

  • FiberOpticCable

  • PatchLocation

  • Device

You can create favorites for any (or all) of the Fiber Manager features. Only the three above require favorites. You may wish to create a new Fiber Optic category for these favorites.

PatchLocation and Device Favorites: Schneider Electric recommends creating a "master" favorite that includes the following features: PatchLocation and Device with all possible related objects (all levels). You may then use this master favorite to create all other favorites without the need to save, close and re-open. Simply enter a new description and click the Create Copy button, then delete the features and related objects you don’t need.

FiberOpticCable: Favorites for this feature should NOT be created in the same manner as recommended for the PatchLocation and Device objects (using a master favorite). Schneider Electric recommends starting with the cable having the smallest fiber count and using it to add additional buffer tubes and fibers. If a mistake is made (e.g., missing attribute), the mistake needs to be corrected only in the favorites created so far. If the mistake is made in a "master" favorite, it could potentially exist in many more related records. This method also encourages you to save favorites more often.

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