Create Replicas

This step is necessary only if you're using Geodatabase Replication.

In this step, you'll set up the Geodatabase Replication replicas necessary to maintain the backdrop database as well as move sessions or designs between the field and Enterprise.

Geodatabase Replication Web Server 

Before creating replicas, you will first need to configure the web server for Geodatabase Replication. Review the Configure Web Service page and perform the configuration that suits your environment.

Backdrop Database

Use a geodatabase replica to keep the backdrop database in the field synchronized with the Enterprise database.

The backdrop database (e.g., Backdrop.mdb) should reside on the server machine in the initial extract directory. Geodatabase Replication may use this copy to do a bootstrap update if necessary.

A copy of this database should also reside on the administrator machine. Open the database in ArcMap on this machine and ensure the stored display layers are connected. Once the stored display is properly displayed, save it and copy the database to the same directory on the client machines (e.g., C:\ReplicationField\Backdrop).

To configure a geodatabase replica to maintain the backdrop database, follow the steps outlined on the following pages.

Process Framework Database (Send/Receive)

This replica moves sessions and designs between the field machines and the Enterprise. You can choose to configure a Process Framework replica to do this, or you can use the Mobile Synchronizer instead.

A copy of the field Process Framework database (e.g., fieldsessionmanager.mdb, fieldworkflowmanager.mdb) should reside on the administrator machine. When you're ready to distribute to all client machines, copy it to the same directory (e.g., C:\ReplicationField\ProcessFramework).

To configure the Process Framework replica, follow the steps outlined on the following pages.

Login Database

This replica maintains the directory in which the login database resides.

The login database should reside on the server machine. From here the directory replica will distribute the login database and keep it updated.

To configure a directory replica to maintain the login database, follow the steps outlined on the following pages.

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