Create the Geometric Network

Create the geometric network at the dataset level. Any map documents referring to the geodatabase must be closed before the geometric network can be created.

Launch the Geometric Network Wizard

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click the Fiber dataset.
  2. Click New > Geometric Network to start the Build Geometric Network Wizard.

  3. In the first dialog, click Next.
  4. Type Fiber_Network for the name of the geometric network, or give it a different name that makes sense for your business.
    • Under Snap features within specified tolerance, click Yes. This means when the application builds the network, it will snap pre-existing features together based upon the snapping tolerance.

    • The snapping tolerance is the distance features must be within each other for the application to snap them together. The default value is based on the XY tolerance of the feature dataset, and it is typically an extremely small distance. This means features will essentially have to be coincident with each other for the application to snap them together.

    • The Snapping Properties topic provides additional information.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose the feature classes you want to participate in the network. If you are using the classic data model, you would include the features listed below. You can include additional classes in your network depending on your business needs.
    • DevicePoint

    • FiberOpticCable

    • FiberSlackLoop

    • PatchLocation

    • SplicePoint

    • SplitterLocation

    • TransitionPoint

  7. Click Next.
  8. If prompted, select whether you wish to preserve existing enabled values. The default is Yes. Click Next.
  9. The next dialog shows the role assigned to each feature class. Fiber Manager requires that all point features have a role of Simple Junction and all line features have a role of Complex Edge. By default the linear features are set to Simple Edge. Change linear features to Complex Edge. Click Next.

  10. The next dialog allows you to add weights. Your network does not use weights, so do not make any changes in this dialog. Click Next.
  11. After checking the summary of your input, click Finish.

Build Errors

When the wizard has finished building your network, search your database for a table with a name containing _BUILDERR. If no such table exists, then there are no problems with your new network. If the table does exist, consult the Esri documentation regarding build errors to learn the significance of its contents and take any necessary measures to eliminate the problems it indicates. After eliminating the causes of any network build errors, you must delete the network (and the build errors table) and build again until you get no build errors.

Geometric Network Properties

To open the Geometric Network Properties tool, right-click the fiber network and select Properties. The tool has a General tab, Connectivity tab, and a Weights tab. Use them to set the fiber network's properties. For more information, see Esri’s documentation.

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