Design Optimization - Conductor Mixing

Design Optimization uses conductor mixing to place various types of service lines on a single transformer. For each service point connected to a conductor, Design Optmization finds the lowest cost wire that meets your electrical performance criteria. When conductor mixing is disabled, Design Optimization places only one type of service line for each conductor. Conductor mixing can be disabled in the DesignAutomationConfig.xml file installed in the ArcFM Solution\Bin directory. This functionality is enabled by default. Select Set Design Parameters in the expanded the Design Configuration category. View the Conductor type mixing section on the Electric Policy Settings tab.

Conductor mixing can be enabled or disabled. By default it is enabled. If you'd like to disable it, look for the following line in the De>signAutomationConfig.xml and modify the value highlighted below. True=Mixing enabled (default setting); False=Mixing disabled.

<Property name="AllowMixedServiceConductorTypes" type="System.Boolean">true</Property>
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