Flexible Fiber Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to record the names, autoupdaters, and other settings used to create a feature or object using the flexible data model. Print out this topic for each feature or object you plan to create and write down the settings you choose in the appropriate table. Use the Guide to Model Names and Autoupdaters section to fill in the worksheet below.

Table 1: Object Name

Provide a name for your feature or object class. This name can be anything you'd like. Each worksheet should apply to only one feature or object.

Object Name


Table 2: Spatial Representation

Is your object a feature class that has spatial representation and participates in the geometric network or is it an object class?

Feature Class

Object Class

A feature class has spatial representation on the map.

This feature should be created in the Fiber geometric network. Right-click the Fiber dataset and select New > Feature Class to create your feature class.

What is its geometry?

  • Point: ArcFM Simple Junction Feature

  • Line: ArcFM Complex Edge Feature

An object class (or table) is not represented on the map and many times is a related object to a feature class.

This table should be created in the same place as the other fiber object classes. In the sample data, this is the main root of the geodatabase. Right-click the geodatabase and select New > Table to create your object class.

Table 3: Relationships

Enter any relationships that this object will have (e.g., FiberOpticCable_BufferTube). Include the relationships in which your feature is the origin (parent) or destination (child).

Parent (Origin)

Child (Destination)



Table 4: Class Model Names

The unique class model name added to the Fiber Object Class Model Name domain through the Domains tab of Properties. 

The Required By All Features and Additional values in this table are assigned in the Model Names tab of ArcFM Properties Manager.

Class Model Names

Unique Class Model Name (enter the class model name created for this feature)


Required by All Features















Table 5: Fields and Field Model Names

Add the fields and correct data type when adding the feature.

  • The field names in the Field Name and Properties column are recommended names. If you used different names, those different names will show up in the Field Model Names tab of ArcFM Properties Manager, not the names listed in this table. However, the field model names must match those in the Field Model Name column.

  • The field model names are entered in the Field Model Names tab in ArcFM Properties Manager at a later point in the process.

Example Field Name

Data Type

Field Model Name

Default Value



Required by All Features








Unique model name for this feature class












The GlobalID field is added to your feature when you run Esri’s Add Global IDs tool during a later step. Do not add this field manually.

Global ID





Table 6: Object Autoupdaters:

The values in this table are assigned in the Object Info tab of the ArcFM Properties Manager.

Feature Property



On Feature Delete

ArcFM Fiber Object Deleted



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