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Configuration Instructions

You can place a heading that is part of the cross section annotation feature. The heading consists of the material and size of the duct. This size value is retrieved from the field with the model name of ACTUALDUCTSIZE, if it exists. If not, it retrieves the value from the field with the model name of DUCTSIZE.

The material is retrieved from a field on the duct definition object class with the field model name of DUCTMATERIAL, if it exists. To display this heading, the Draw Cross Section Material/Size heading checkbox on Conduit Options dialog must be checked. To select Conduit Options, go to Customize | Conduit Manager Options in ArcMap.

NOTE: The heading displays only the size and material of the top level of ducts. If the size or material of these top level ducts is different then that information will not be shown.

To provide the ability to display the material value in the heading, we add a new field to the duct definition object class that has the field model name DUCTMATERIAL assigned.

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