Required Model Names and Autoupdaters

TIP: These settings apply to ALL feature and object classes.

All fiber features need to have certain attributes, such as parent and child model names. The following topic describes the class model names, field model names and autoupdaters used by all fiber features and tables. With the exception of the unique class model name for your new feature, these values are already entered in the correct tables on your worksheet.

Class Model Names

IMPORTANT: Each flexible feature and table needs a unique class model name. It can be descriptive of the feature, such as ABF for air blown fiber. This unique class model name needs to be added to the Fiber Object Class Model Name domain. This value is recorded in Table 4 of the worksheet. It is also the default value for the ThisFiberClassModelName field.


The class model name is entered in the ArcFM Properties Manager tool's Model Names tab. This value is recorded in Table 4 of the worksheet.

Field Model Names

The Example Field, Data Type, and Default Value columns contain values entered while creating the feature class. The Field Model Name column contains values entered in the ArcFM Properties Manager's Field Model Names tab. These values are recorded in Table 5 of the worksheet.

Example Field Name*

Data Type

Default Value

Field Model Name







The unique class model name added to the Fiber Object Class Model Name domain










* These are the recommended field names. If you used different names, those different names will show up in ArcFM Properties Manager's Field Model Names tab, not the names listed in this table.


You must assign this model name to the Circuit Length field on the circuit table. Connection Manager and other Fiber Manager tools will not work without it.

Object Autoupdaters:

The Feature Property column lists the property to which the required object autoupdater is assigned. The Autoupdater column contains the object autoupdater entered in the ArcFM Properties Manager tool's Object Info tab. These values are recorded in Table 6 of the worksheet.

Feature Property


On Feature Delete

ArcFM Fiber Object Deleted

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