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The Map Viewer tab provides two types of searches: query and spatial. The query-type Search uses ArcFM Locator functionality to locate one or more features with specific, user-defined criteria. The Identify tool is a spatial-type search that returns features based on a click-point on the map.


Use the Search field to locate one or more features with a specific attribute value. 

  1. Select a layer to search or a custom search from the drop-down menu on the Search tab.
  2. Select whether you want to search for features that exactly match the value (=) or any features that contain a portion of the value (LIKE). For example, a search for SUPPT49 using the = option returns only one feature with a Facility ID of SUPPT49. A search for SUPPT49 using the LIKE option returns a number of features with Facility IDs such as SUPPT491, SUPPT492, etc.
  3. Set the search criteria and press Enter.


Use the Identify tool to click a point on the map and return a set of features in that location. The visibility of an individual layer in the list depends on if it is selected in Toggle Layers and on the current map scale.

  1. Choose the type information you want to return (e.g., all visible layers or a specific layer).
  2. Click the map or click and draw a rectangle to identify a larger area.


Results of a search or an identify are displayed in the Attribute Viewer and on the map. Results are color-coded in both places. In the example below, the Conduit System features are marked with red circles and numbers both on the map and in the Attribute Viewer. The white circle indicates the feature has been selected in the Attribute Viewer.

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