Submit As-Built Express Design to GDBM

Submits an as-built Express Design to the Geodatabase Manager post queue after commissioning. Geodatabase Manager provides the GDBM Set Posting Priority which reconciles and posts designs using a batch process



  • The Design is closed.

  • The Design is not locked.


  • Locates the _Convert version for the current design node.

  • Adds the _Convert version to the GDBM post queue.

  • Provides a message box if the Convert version can't be found.


  • Priority: Sets the post priority on the version. The default is 0, which is the lowest priority.

  • ShowMessages: Determines whether message boxes are displayed should problems occur while the subtasks is executing. The default setting is True. If the user sets this value to False, message boxes are not displayed, but messages are still logged.

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