Using Mobile Synchronizer

The Mobile Synchronizer can be run on a machine connected to the Process Framework database to periodically send and receive mobile jobs to and from the field. Using this tool will automate the "Send\Receive Mobile Data" tasks so that enterprise users will not have to perform this data transfer manually. Once configured, the Mobile Synchronizer can be connected to the Process Framework database and left to synchronize on a particular time interval. The "Synchronize Once" option can be checked to perform the synchronization one time only, which is useful for testing new configurations.

Engine Mobile Designer: Should the Mobile Synchronizer be unable to send or receive a design, it will automatically save the design to an XML file and the user will receive an error message with a path to the XML.

To access the Mobile Synchronizer, look for MobileSynchronizer.exe in the ArcFM Solution\Bin directory.

  1. Double-click MobileSynchronizer.exe.
  2. Select the "Synchronize once" checkbox to execute the Send/Receive operation only once. If this checkbox is not selected, then the "Interval" value is used to determine how often the Send/Receive task is executed. The minimum time interval is 15 minutes.
  3. Click the Start button to execute Send/Receive according to the settings selected. You may hide the Mobile Synchronize tool (see below) and allow it to run in the background.
  4. Between updates, the Synchronizer will display its status as Idle as well as the time of the next synchronization.
  5. Click Stop to deactivate the Send/Receive.

    Should the Mobile Synchronizer fail to execute the Send/Receive Mobile Data task, a message in the Status field will alert the user to the failure. The icon in the task tray will turn red to alert the user to an error. Mobile Synchronizer will continue to attempt updates at the defined intervals.

    Run Mobile Synchronizer in the Background

    If you click the X in the top right corner, the tool will continue to run in the task bar (near the clock).

    To exit the Mobile Synchronizer application, you must first click the Stop button on the application. Then, right-click the icon in the task bar and select Exit. The Exit option will remain disabled as long as the Synchronizer application is running. Right-click and select Restore or double-click the icon to open the Mobile Synchronizer window. Select Clear Log to clear the error messages from the Status window.

    You may have multiple Mobile Synchronizers running at once (e.g., one for the enterprise and one for the field).

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