Abandon Overview

The Abandon Tool represents the process of abandoning pipes or devices, removing them from your network, or converting abandoned pipes to conduit.

Before abandoning a feature, you must first decide how features should be abandoned in your network: Abandon to a feature class or subtype, abandon and remove, or convert to conduit.


This tool will abandon the feature to another feature class or a subtype of the abandoned feature's class. It may also change an Indicator field to designate the feature as abandoned. How this tool acts depends on how your administrator configured it. If you are abandoning to a subtype, you may need to add the abandon subtype symbology to the map.


Abandon and Remove

This tool abandons a feature and removes it from the map. The abandoned feature's attributes are saved to an abandon table or feature class.


Convert to Conduit

This tool may be used with linear features only. It converts an abandoned linear feature to a conduit.

If you are abandoning only a portion of a feature (e.g., part of a distribution main), you will need to use the Cut and Trim tool to indicate the portion being abandoned.

You may abandon entire features using the right-click abandon tools. If the feature is abandoned to a non-network feature or object class or abandoned and removed, the downstream features will be connected to themselves. However, they could be disconnected from the larger network.

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