Abandon Tool

Use this tool to abandon features selected on the map that match feature classes selected in ArcFM Abandon Tool Options. There are two ways to abandon features. You may select features on the map, right-click them on the Selection tab, and select Abandon. This will abandon the entire feature.

TIP: If the feature is abandoned to a non-network feature or object class or abandoned and removed, the downstream features will be connected to themselves. However, they could be disconnected from the larger network.

You may also use the Abandon button on the ArcFM Abandon toolbar. When using this option, you MUST use the Cut and Trim tool first. You must have an editing session started to use the Abandon functionality.

Right-Click Abandon Tool

The Abandon right-click tools ignore the Warning Threshold set in Abandon Options.

  1. Select the features to be abandoned.
  2. On the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor, highlight the features or layer to be abandoned. Right-click and select Abandon.

Abandon on ArcFM Abandon Toolbar

This tool requires that you use the Cut and Trim tool first to isolate the area to be abandoned. If you do not use the Cut and Trim tool first, no area is isolated and you may abandon your entire network.

  1. Use the Cut and Trim tool to isolate the portion of your network to be abandoned.
  2. Click the Abandon tool on the ArcFM Abandon toolbar.
  3. Click the area you have isolated to be abandoned. The feature(s) will become abandoned according to your configuration (abandon to subtype, abandon to feature class, or abandon indicator).
    NOTE: When you first abandon to a new subtype (if that is your configuration), it will have the symbology of <all other values> in the tree view. To add the new subtype's symbology to the map, right-click its feature class and select Properties. Click the Symbology tab. Click Add Values, highlight, and click OK. Edit the symbology as desired. Click OK to dismiss the Properties dialog.
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