Add Annotation to UFM Diagram

This task allows you to place annotations with your underground facility diagram. This task provides the option of placing leader lines or rotating annotation.

  1. Select the Add Annotation task.
  2. Select the symbol size from the drop-down list.
  3. Type your annotation text.
  4. Select an orientation for placing the annotation. The cursor will display the text being placed:

    Standard: This places the text without rotation or a leader line.

    Rotate: This allows you to place the text, then rotate it to the desired position. Click once to determine the location of the annotation, rotate, then click a second time to set the rotation angle.

    Leader Line: This allows you to place the annotation along with a leader line. The first click indicates the start of the leader line. The second click indicates the location of the text.

    You may place multiple annotations by clicking multiple times on the map. The annotation properties may be modified before placing each annotation.

    If you have annotation selected on the map, the Edit Annotation tool will be enabled. Click the Edit Annotation button to display the properties for the selected annotation. Modify the text properties as necessary and click Apply.

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