Add CU Text

You can add compatible unit (CU) text to the map near the Work Location associated with placed CUs. This labeling function is integrated with ArcMap drawing tools so that you can move labels or change the font, color, and style of the text. To change text attributes, select the label using Select Elements arrow and use Draw toolbar icons to change text style.

  1. You must have a design open that contains a work location and CUs.
  2. On Design tab, right-click Work Location.
  3. Select Add CU Text.

  4. Click the map near the Work Location to place text.
  5. To change the font or color, select the text using the Select Elements arrow and use the Draw toolbar to change text style.
    TIP: The Add CU Text feature respects Esri symbology. As such, you can set the default text using Esri's symbology workflow. Refer to Esri's documentation for more information.
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