Placing a Template Favorite - Add Non-GIS CU

When the user is prompted to select a compatible unit (CU), the Add Non-GIS CUs button is also enabled. This allows the user to add non-GIS CUs. The user will be prompted to select a CU or add non-GIS CUs only if the template favorite is placed with a design open. All features placed on the map when the template favorite is placed are added to the open design.

Click the Add Non-GIS CUs button to display the following screen.

  1. Select a non-GIS CU from the list. Use the Ctrl key or Shift key to select multiple non-GIS CUs. The CUs are listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Enter a value in the Quantity field. You may send multiple non-GIS CUs to the same CU or to multiple CUs.
  3. You may use the CU Finder functionality at the bottom of the window to search for a specific non-GIS CU. Simply type in a few known letters of a CU in the CU Finder window. The CU Finder will autocomplete the entry. Each time you click the Find Next button (or Alt+F), the CU Finder will advance to the next match.
  4. Click Apply to add the non-GIS CUs and retain the Select Non-GIS CUs dialog. Click OK to add the CUs and dismiss the dialog. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog without adding the CUs.
  5. Click Next > to continue placing the template favorite.
  6. You can click Finish to complete placement of the template favorite, accepting as many defaults as possible. ArcFM will prompt you for any required actions.
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