Add Non-GIS Compatible Unit

Use this functionality to add non-GIS compatible units (CUs) like anchors and cross arms, work locations (WLs), or CUs to the design.

You can add a non-GIS CU to a CU in the Attribute Editor's Targets or Design tab:

  1. Select a WL, design, or the parent layer of a CU. You can select multiple CUs or multiple WLs and add non-GIS CUs concurrently. You may not select a combination of CUs and WLs.
  2. Right-click and select Add Non-GIS CU. The Select Non-GIS CUs window displays the available non-GIS CUs.
  3. Select a Work Function (such as Install or Remove).
  4. Select a non-GIS CU from the list. Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple non-GIS CUs. The CUs are listed in alphabetical order.
  5. Enter a value in the Quantity field. You can send multiple non-GIS CUs to the same CU or to multiple CUs.
  6. You may use the CU Finder functionality at the bottom of the window to search for a specific non-GIS CU. Simply type in a few known letters of a CU in the CU Finder window. The CU Finder will autocomplete the entry. Each time you click the Find Next button (or Alt+F), the CU Finder will advance to the next match.
  7. Click Apply to add the non-GIS CUs to the Design tab and retain the Select Non-GIS CUs dialog. Click OK to add the CUs and dismiss the dialog. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog without adding the CUs.

    You may add multiple non-GIS CUs at one time.

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