ArcFM Connect and Disconnect Tools

Feeder Manager relies on ArcFM autoupdaters to maintain valid values when disconnecting and connecting features to the network. ArcFM autoupdaters are triggered by edit events (e.g., update, create, and delete) generated by ArcGIS. ArcFM's Connect and Disconnect tools ensure that ArcGIS generates the required edit events.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the ArcGIS Connect or Disconnect tools! The ArcGIS Connect and Disconnect tools do not automatically trigger the required edit events. When the edit events aren't triggered, the values and relationships used by ArcFM become corrupted and produce inaccurate results.   

The ArcFM Connect and ArcFM Disconnect buttons are not on the ArcFM toolbar by default. You may need to add them using the Customize menu.

NOTE: Shape edits are not supported. For example, if you disconnect a feature, move the feature, and then reconnect the feature, Feeder Manager won't recognize the change. This will be evident in that the Feeder ID field is <Null>.

Work Around: If you have a feature that is supposedly connected to the network, but has no Feeder ID value, use the ArcFM Disconnect tool to disconnect it, then use the ArcFM Connect tool to re-connect it. This ensures that the feature is properly connected to the network with a valid Feeder ID.

The Connect and Disconnect tools are used on features that already exist in the map.

Connecting Network Features

  1. Start an editing session.
  2. Select the feature you want to connect to the network. If you select multiple disconnected features, ALL selected features will be connected. You must select at least one disconnected feature to enable the tool.
  3. Click the Connect button .

Disconnecting Network Features

  1. Start an editing session.
  2. Select the feature you want to disconnect from the network. You must select a connected feature to enable the tool. You cannot disconnect multiple features.
  3. Click the Disconnect button .
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