ArcFM Viewer

ArcFM Viewer, based on Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (formerly ArcView), provides a high-performance, robust query and display tool. With ArcFM Viewer, utility personnel can view, trace, and query data to help minimize cost or optimize the investment in maintenance and construction to get the most from the facility network.

ArcFM Viewer Tools

The following products will be available only if you have the proper licensing. Contact Schneider Electric for licensing information.

Redliner extension — This extension allows for graphic markup (redlining) within the frameworks of ArcFM Viewer and ArcGIS for Desktop Basic as well as the ArcFM Mobile Solution. A session may be redlined in the field using ArcFM Viewer then sent to a GIS editor for feature placement using ArcGIS for Desktop Standard/ArcFM. If you elect to use Mobile, it must first be configured (see the Mobile section of the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help). 

Network adaptor — This adaptor provides an interface to export feeder information from your corporate geodatabase and import it into a third-party analysis tool (such as CYMDIST or Electric Solver). Network Adapter also allows users to import analysis results into ArcMap and view them in the map display.

Products and licenses — ArcFM Viewer and its compatible extensions provide varying levels of editing capabilities. The Redliner and Inspector extensions require ArcFM Viewer along with its valid licensing. However, these two extensions do not rely upon one another and may be used independently.


ArcFM Licenses

Esri Licenses


ArcFM Viewer

ArcFM Viewer

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic

View and query


ArcFM Viewer, Redliner extension

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic

View, query, redline editing

A Geodatabase Update Extension license is required from Esri in order to edit relationship classes, feature-linked annotation, dimension feature classes, and custom feature classes.

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