These buttons can be used to Assign, Unassign, or Complete redlines. Logged-in users can assign redlines to themselves that are either unassigned or assigned to another user. To assign a Redline to yourself, click Assign To Me.

To reassign a redline that is currently assigned to someone else, click Assign To Me. You are presented with a confirmation (Yes/No) choice to take ownership. If you select No, the redline remains assigned to its currently-assigned user. If you select Yes, the redline is reassigned.

Once assigned, a redline can be unassigned if it should be returned to the pool of available redlines. Click Unassign. You cannot unassign redlines that are not currently assigned to you.

The redline can also be completed by clicking Complete.

Once completed, select Yes or No.

If you select No, the redline remains assigned. If you select Yes, the following things happen:

  • The redline is removed from the list.

  • The redline features are removed from the map and the app.

  • A notification is sent to the app that redlines have been closed.

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