Associate Conductor to Duct

This page outlines the steps for associating a conductor to duct. One pre-requisite is that the conductor, conduit, and duct already exist.

  1. Select both the conductor and Conduit System in the ArcFM Attribute Editor by holding down Ctrl and left-clicking each one.

  2. Right-click either selected feature and choose Associate to a Conduit.

    This launches the ArcFM Conduit Association Editor.

  3. Click duct 2 in the yellow pane or Position 2 in the right pane to associate the conductor to this duct. The following image shows the result of doing so:

  4. Click OK in the ArcFM Conduit Association Editor to save and close this window.

    The result is that the secondary underground conductor 376 is now associated with duct 2 and is related to conduit 251.

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