Attribute Viewer

The Attribute Viewer allows you to view the attribute fields of selected features. The ArcFM Display Field is the value displayed on the Attribute Viewer. The default ArcFM Display Field is the ObjectID, which administrators can change in ArcCatalog. In the example below, the display field is the Facility ID. Users can view relationship classes and expand related objects that are indicated by the plus icon.

You can access ArcFM utility tools by right-clicking on features in the Attribute Viewer. Select: Zoom To, Pan To, Quick Attribute Viewer, Highlight, Remove from Selection, or Feeder Manager Translator (electric data only).

You may also access utilities tools when you right-click related objects. These tools allow you to view the Quick Attribute Viewer or remove all objects from the selection.

When using the Locator tool, you can use the Add to Selection utility in the Locator results tree to add features listed in the search results to the Attribute Viewer Selection tab.

TIP: If the Attribute Viewer form is hiding a highlighted feature, the form will become transparent to make the highlighted feature visible when it flashes.
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