Attribute Viewer Options

The Attribute Viewer tab allows you to modify various settings for the Attribute Viewer.

Status bar:

You may show a status bar that indicates the number of items selected. When enabled, the status bar may be found at the bottom of the Attribute Viewer.

Selection tab:

You may determine the order in which features appear on the Selection tab. Choose from drawing order or alphabetical order.

The Automatically Expand Selection Tab option expands and selects the top node in the list when features are added to the Selection tab of the Attribute Viewer. In the sample figure below, FUS39370 was expanded automatically (and its attributes displayed in the grid) when the group of features was selected.

  • Never: This option is disabled. When features are added to the Selection tab, they will remain collapsed until the user expands them.

  • When a single feature is selected: When a single feature is added to the Selection tab, it will be expanded and selected so its attributes are shown in the Attribute Viewer grid.

  • Always: The top feature in the list will always be expanded and selected regardless of the number of features selected.

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