Break into Phases

When you associate a multiple-phase conductor to a conduit/duct, the application initially places all phases inside the same duct. If you require the phases to reside in individual ducts, use the Break into Phases tool, then drag each phase into a duct.
  1. The process starts the same as described in Associate Conductor to Duct:
    1. Select both the conduit and the conductor.
    2. In the Attribute Editor > Selection tab, use the Ctrl key to choose both conduit and conductor.
    3. Right-click and choose Associate to a Conduit.

  2. In the ArcFM Conduit Association Editor dialog, click a desired duct position. Notice that all phases reside currently in the chosen duct.

  3. Click the multiple-phase conductor to highlight it in blue, then click Break into Phases.

    TIP: If you know that you are going to break the conductor into phases from the beginning, check the Place Phases box first, then click your initial duct. In this manner, the multiple-phase conductor enters the duct already broken into individual phases.

  4. With the conductor broken into individual phases, drag and drop each phase into a desired duct.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Notice in the Attribute Editor > Selection tab, you can see the individual phases now reside in separate ducts.

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