Close Express Design

To close an express design, click . When prompted to save edits before closing, click Yes to save and close the design. Click No to close the express design without saving or Cancel continue editing.

If close express design is configured to use the "Close Express Design" subtask, closing an express design automatically reconciles and posts it to the parent version (e.g. SDE.Default) unless the express design is in the As-Built Editing state. In this case, reconciling and posting must be done manually by a user.

If close express design is configured to use the "Close Express Design with GDBM" subtask, the design is sent to GDBM and is not automatically reconciled or posted to the parent version (e.g. SDE.DEFAULT).

Designer Express does not save versions of a design. If you've made changes to palettes, those changes will be saved as well.

If there is a conflict, you can use the Reconcile tool to resolve it. If you don't want to resolve the conflict, continue to close the express design and save your edits.

IMPORTANT: This tool requires that the user have post and edit permissions to the parent (e.g., SDE.default) version.
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