Configure Conduit System

Information about ducts, size, position, and contents is stored in the Configuration field of the Conduit System feature. You may configure a conduit before or after it is placed on the map. This information is necessary if you want to associate conductors with specific ducts.

  1. You may configure a conduit feature before it is placed. Select it on the Features tab to send it to the Targets tab. View it on the Targets tab of the Attribute Editor. Otherwise, select a conduit feature on the map and view it on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor.
  2. Select the Configuration field. The Configuration field will say <Editing...> if the conduit has not been previously configured. If it has been configured, it will say <Binary...>.

    Figure 1, Sketch button in the Configuration field

  3. Click the Sketch button to display Conduit System Configuration dialog.


  4. There are two ways to add ducts to the conduit:
    • Use the Create button to add one duct at a time. Set the duct attributes in the fields above the duct tree, then click Create. Click the right side of the form to add the duct.

      Duct attributes:

      Single duct creation:

  5. Use the Rows/Cols button to add a collection of ducts. Set the duct attributes in the fields above the duct tree. Initially all ducts will have the same attributes. You may modify individual ducts later. Click Rows/Cols and select a layout (widely space or adjacent). Enter the number of rows and columns, then click OK.

    IMPORTANT: The Drawing Option is always set to the last configuration selected. If you open a conduit that has already been configured, the Drawing Option may not match its configuration. It will reflect the last configuration selected, not the current configuration of the selected conduit. To reconfigure an existing configuration, click OK on the ArcFM Rows/Columns dialog. You will be prompted to validate that you want to reset the configuration. Click Yes to reconfigure or No to retain the existing configuration.

    Once placed, you may select a duct either in the tree or in the graphic representation on the right. Use the grid to edit the attributes of the selected duct. Click Update to save those changes. The image will change to reflect the modification of the size and availability attributes. If you want to delete an existing duct, select it and click the Delete button.

    TIP: You may designate a duct position as "Unavailable". Select Unavailable in the Availability Indicator field for that duct position. This attribute value will not prevent users from associating conductor features with that duct position. However, when conductor is placed in an Unavailable duct position, the duct is shaded in red in the yellow window at the right. Duct symbology is described on the Associate Underground Conductor page. This section also discusses how to place subducts.

    Click OK on the ArcFM Conduit Configuration window to save the configuration.

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