Create Duct in Conduit

This page contains the steps for creating a duct. One pre-requisite is that both the conductor and the conduit/conduit system exist in the map.

IMPORTANT: If the duct already exists, skip to the Associate Conductor to Duct topic.

The duct must be created before you can associate it with conduit. Ducts are created in the ArcFM Conduit Configuration Window.

  1. In Edit mode, select the desired conduit/conduit system.
  2. Click in the Configuration field of the Conduit System to view the pencil.

  3. Click the pencil to open the ArcFM Conduit Configuration window. This example shows that conduit #251 has one existing duct that is available; i.e., nothing is currently occupying this duct.

  4. To create a duct, click the Create button and move the cursor to the right-hand (yellow) pane. The cursor becomes a pencil inside a circle.
  5. Click to place the new duct. If initial placement is wrong, click and drag the duct to the desired position. There are now two ducts, neither of which is occupied.

  6. To save the new duct, you must click OK, which closes the ArcFM Conduit Configuration window, and click the Update button in ArcFM Attribute Editor. Once the duct is created, a conductor can be associated with it.
    TIP: The conductor-to-conduit does not have to be related first.
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