Create Graphic Favorite

The Graphics list allows you to create and store graphic favorites. Users may access these graphics for placement on the map.

  1. Select either the Data or Layout view, depending on which view you are going to use the graphic favorite in.
    IMPORTANT: The view you select affects how the graphic favorite behaves. If you create a graphic favorite in the Layout view, it will not be scaled when used in the Layout view but will be scaled if used in the Data view. If you create a graphic favorite in the Data view, it will not be scaled when used in the Data view but will be scaled if used in the Layout view. Whenever ArcFM scales a graphic, in either view, a warning message will be generated in the event log.
  2. Begin an edit session. If you do not have an edit session started, the right-click utility that allows you to create a graphic will not be available.  
  3. On the Graphics list, select the category into which you want to save the graphic favorite. The name of the displayed category appears above the graphic favorites.
  4. Select a graphic element on the map. You may select multiple graphics at one time.
    NOTE: Graphic favorites may not be made from feature symbology or OleFrame objects. You may want to use the Esri Drawing toolbar to create graphic elements or use the Insert > Picture menu.
  5. Right-click in the category on the Graphics list and select Create Graphic Favorite.

  6. If you selected more than one graphic element, you will be prompted to group them. If you do NOT want to group them, the last element selected will be the one created. By default, grouped element graphic favorites are symbolized on the Graphics list with the ArcFM logo . You may assign your own image to these favorites (see Grouped Element Graphic Favorites section below).

  7. Enter a name for the graphic favorite.

    Optional: When placing a graphic that contains text (e.g., Callout), you can prompt the user to enter text when placing the graphic. The string %% in any graphic favorite that uses text will prompt the user to enter text. When a user places the graphic favorite in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine, he is prompted to enter a value. This prompt functionality is not available in ArcMap.

    Create a graphic with prompt for user:

    User prompted when placing graphic favorite:

  8. The graphic favorite is added to the selected category on the Graphics list.

    A graphic favorite created in ArcMap is available to all users connected to the geodatabase.

Grouped Element Graphic Favorites

If you selected multiple graphic elements and created a single graphic favorite, you can select that graphic favorite and assign it an image (e.g., .bmp, .jpg).

  1. On the Graphics list, right-click the grouped element favorite and click "Select a new favorite symbol." This option is not available on graphic favorites that have only one element.
  2. In the Select New Button Image window, browse to and select an image (.bmp, .jpg, .gif).


  3. Click Open. The graphic favorite is symbolized using the selected image.

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