Create Underground Facility Map Grids

This tool allows you to create a map grid that surrounds an underground structure and an inset frame that surrounds the facility diagram. This tool will not work on an underground structure that does not have a facility diagram. You may select multiple underground structure features and create multiple map grids at one time. You may also view the corresponding inset frames for the underground facilities.

Create Underground Facility Map Grids requires that the Map Grid Generator be configured (see ArcFM Solution Configuration Guide).

Create Map Grids

This tool creates both a map grid and an inset frame source for each selected underground structure.

  1. With an editing session started, select one or more underground structure features on the map. Each one must have a facility diagram.
  2. Click the Create Underground Facility Map Grids button.
  3. Enter a map grid name. This is the name that will be assigned to your map grid. Use this map grid name to locate the grid when creating a map book.

  4. Click Create.

    The map grid will be displayed on the map (assuming the map grid layer is displayed). An inset frame source is created on the diagram. The section below describes how to view the inset frames.

View Inset Frames

Inset frames are visible on the Layout view.

  1. In ArcMap, select Layout view.
  2. From the Insert menu, select ArcFM Inset Frame.

  3. In the Stored Display field, select a stored display that contains the features in the UFM dataset.
  4. In the Layers field, select the Inset Frame Source checkbox.
  5. Set the Display Settings and Scale Settings as desired. Additional information is available in the Inset Frames section of the help.
  6. Click OK. The inset frames are displayed in the Layout view. You may save this view as a page template.

    Using the map grid, you may Create a map book which may be plotted.

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