Cross Section Annotation

The option to place a cross section is available only when the Conduit System Cross Section Anno layer has been added to the map. Annotation display depends on its model name configuration (see the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help in ArcCatalog). To automatically update annotation when conduit configuration changes, set the autoupdater at the Object Info tab of the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog. Select the ArcFM Check Cross Section autoupdater at the On Feature Update property of the conduit and the conductor or cable feature class.

Add Cross Section Annotation

Follow these steps to add cross section annotation to the map for a selected conduit.

  1. If it doesn't already exist, add the cross section annotation layer to your map. In the Minerville sample data this layer is called Conduit System Cross Section Annotation (ConduitSystemCrossSectionAnno).
  2. On the map, select the conduit system for which you want to display annotation.
  3. On the Attribute Editor Selection tab, right-click the conduit system feature and select Place Cross Section.
  4. The cursor changes into a black X with cross-hairs. Click the area on the map where you want the annotation displayed.
  5. The annotation is placed at the click point on the map.

    Each time you select Place Cross Section and click the map, an additional cross section annotation is added. This allows you to have multiple annotations along the length of conduit.

Move Cross-Section Annotation

Once cross section annotation is placed, you may move, rotate, or delete it.

  1. Use the Select Elements tool to click the annotation area. By default, this tool appears on the ArcMap Draw toolbar.
  2. Click the annotation and drag to move it.
  3. Right-click to select from tools such as Nudge, Align, Rotate, and Delete.

    TIP: We recommend that you keep elements grouped. If you use the ungroup option, elements are individually written to the map document and the association with the database is lost.
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