Design Estimate Options

The Design Estimate options affect the Design Estimate tool.

Map Selection: When this option is selected, the user can select DFCs on the map and see the corresponding rows highlighted in the Design Estimate. In the example below, the user has selected both service lines on the map (highlighted in red and blue). The corresponding rows are highlighted in dark blue in the Design Estimate.

Selected features shown in red on the map. Corresponding rows are highlighted in darker blue on the Manage Cost tab.

Prompt for Add Cost Item Before Adding: Select this option to give the user an opportunity to edit cost item information before assigning it to a design feature in the Design Estimate. The user is ONLY prompted when he double-clicks a cost item to add it to the selected DFC. Users who drag-and-drop or use the arrows to assign cost items will not see the Add Cost Item dialog even if the option is enabled.

In the example below, the user double-clicked a cost item to add it to the selected DFC (in the bottom half of the Design Estimate form). With this option selected, he is prompted with an Add Cost Item dialog that allows him to edit cost item information.

Double-click a cost item to add it to the selected DFC and view the Add Cost Item dialog.

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