Design Optimization

Design Optimization simplifies the design process by using pre-defined parameters (set by your administrator) to automatically place the optimal features for your layout. Your administrator can elect to provide multiple design type parameters. You can tailor each set of parameters toward a specific type of design. Design Optimization includes default symbology for Front Lot Electric URD designs. Review the Design Optimization Default Symbology section for more details.

IMPORTANT: Mobile: Design Optimization is not supported in the Mobile environment. If your workspace is a packet, the Design Optimization button will remain disabled.

To use Design Optimization, you must have a design open. The Design Optimization button will not enable without an open design. With a design open, click the Design Optimization button on the Designer toolbar to launch the Design Optimization window.

This window displays the tasks that must be performed to optimize your design. Click any of the green icons to view the associated task parameters. You cannot perform tasks with a red octagon icon until previous tasks are complete.

Before you Begin: Ensure your data does not contain overlapping parcels or gaps between property lines. These two data cases will cause errors in Design Optimization.

IMPORTANT: When the Design Optimization window is left undocked, you may need to click twice to select a button. The first click activates the window and the second click activates the button.
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