Designer Express Overview

The primary focus of Designer Express is to create a quick construction sketch and cost estimate while relaxing some of the GIS and accounting principles that can be handled later in the design process. Designer Express relaxes these principles by using Design Features Classes (DFCs) instead of regular features. DFCs are non-network, simple feature classes, usually within their own dataset, that can reference various feature classes of the same shape and can be organized through palettes.

The application offers a full suite of editing tools as well as posting, plotting and reporting. Designer Express includes basic map tools (such as the selection, identify, and locator tools), basic feature editing tools (such as snapping and abandoning), Workflow Manager to administer the work queue, and a Duplicate Feature QA/QC object validation rule to ensure duplicate DFCs are not commissioned.

Designer Express further streamlines the process by having an optional cost report instead of building the cost into the DFCs. It also posts changes directly to the base version of the design. It doesn’t create additional versions of the design. However, if users want to save a version of a design, they can export the design as a PDF or XML.

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