Designs are created and managed using Workflow Manager. Every design is assigned to a work request (WR). A WR may have multiple designs, but only one approved design. When a Designer opens a design in ArcMap, it will appear on the Design tab of the Attribute Editor. A designer may add or remove Compatible Units (CU) and Work Locations (WL).

With the Design tab, users are able to manage CUs and WLs for placement on the map. You can save changes to a design on the Design tab in Workflow Manager where inventory is tracked throughout the life cycle of a project. Using the Attribute Editor, you can drag and drop CUs (or copy and paste) to the design, place CUs on the map, place WLs, and assign CUs to WLs. If you have a WL selected, Designer adds CUs to the selected WL. If you don't have a WL selected, Designer adds CUs to the design.

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