Desktop Administrator

Individual users may access the Desktop Administrator to checkout licenses of ArcFM Solution products.

The License Manager tab displays the number of licenses installed on the server and the number available for use by individual users. There are two licensing options: Floating License Server and Single User Mode.

The Floating License Server option allows users to access licenses from a common server or multiple servers. Users with this licensing option may change the computer's license server on the License Manager. Simply click the Change button and type in the name of the license server.

The Single User Mode option allows a mobile user to utilize a locally installed license file. If the file doesn't exist, the option will remain disabled.

Multiple servers can be listed in the License Manager field. Separate multiple license servers by a semi-colon (;). ArcFM will attempt to access license servers in the order listed until it connects to one. The Desktop Administrator displays information from the primary (first in the list) server only. To query secondary servers, change the order of the list.

Check the "Show license expiration warnings to all users" to allow users to see all expiration warning messages. If this box is not checked, no users will see warning messages. This box is checked by default.

The Software Product tab displays the ArcFM Solution applications installed on the local machine and which of those applications are in use. In the example below, the computer has ArcFM and Designer installed. If the user chooses Designer from the pulldown menu, the application will be enabled the next time the user opens ArcMap (assuming the license is available on the server). When the user opens ArcMap, the License Manager tab will show one less Designer license in the available column.

Select the "Save as system settings" checkbox to save the setting for all users who log on to that machine.

If you have selected ArcFM in the Desktop Administrator and have Designer installed, Designer tools (e.g., analysis tools, Workflow Manager) will be disabled.

Licenses are not in use until ArcMap is opened. For example, 100 users can have Designer installed on their machines. If there are only 75 licenses for the company, only 75 users can access Designer at one time. Also, using a Designer license does not require access to an ArcFM license as well. If a user has both ArcFM and Designer installed, she can elect to access either an ArcFM license or a Designer license.

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