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This edit task must be used with a template favorite. You may select it without a template and attempt to place features, but the edit task will NOT function.

The ArcFM Dot to Dot edit task lets you create a multi-part sketch that defines the location of features in a template favorite. Once the locations are defined, Dot-to-Dot automatically places the features on the map. Dot-to-Dot incorporates the ArcGIS context menu Sketch tools such as Length, Angle, Deflection, Absolute XY, and Parallel.

ArcFM Dot to Dot differs from Create ArcFM Feature in that it allows multi-part sketches. If you're using Create ArcFM Feature, the feature is placed at the first click. When using ArcFM Dot to Dot, the feature is placed at the point the user finishes the sketch.

The following is a very simple example to illustrate how ArcFM Dot to Dot works.

  1. Create a template favorite with a single point feature to be placed in a range. In this example, we use a support structure. We have a piece of overhead primary with no support structures. We will use the Support Structures template to place poles a specific distance from the existing primary.

  2. With an Edit Session started, send the Support Structure template to the Targets tab and select it.
  3. If necessary, add the Edit Task and Target Layer tools to the Editor toolbar through the Customize dialog box.
  4. If necessary, select ArcFM Dot To Dot as the Task on the Editor Toolbar.
  5. Single click on the primary.
  6. Off to the side of the primary, right-click. This is where you can determine a specific distance, angle, etc., in relation to the existing feature (the primary) you clicked to begin the sketch. In this example, we'll select Direction/Length and set the direction to 0 and length to 15. If we want the pole to be placed 15 map units from the primary, then we'll right-click and select Finish Part. The pole is placed at the point (in red) the part was finished.

    The red box indicates the most recently Finish Part point.

    When the sketch is finished, poles are placed at each point at which the user selected Finish Part.

  7. You may repeat step four for as many features as you want to place. When you've finished placing features, right-click and select Finish Sketch.

    This edit task may also be used with linear features. In this case the points at which the user selects Finish Part serve as the vertices for the linear feature.

    The red box indicates the most recently Finish Part point.

    When the sketch is finished, the Finish Part points are connected by the linear feature.

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