Draw Exclusion Zones

This step allows you to exclude pedestals and transformers from a designated area using the Draw Exclusion Zones node. For example, if your design contains an area where a person should not place a transformer, you can define the boundaries of this exclusion area and select transformers as the excluded feature.

Configure and Create Exclusion Zones

Use the Draw Exclusion Zones button and the Pedestal, Transformer, or both checkboxes to configure and create one or more exclusion zones on grouped parcels.

  1. Select the Draw Exclusion Zones node in the Design Optimization window.
  2. Select one or both checkboxes to indicate whether you want to exclude pedestals, transformers, or both pedestals and transformers.
  3. Click the Draw Exclusion Zones button .
  4. Draw a polygon on the map to define the boundary of the exclusion zone. Depending on your checkbox selection, the Draw Exclusion Zones tool excludes pedestals, transformers, or both. In the following example, the polygon with the gray cross-hatching denotes the exclusion zone. The bright pink graphic indicates an excluded transformer.

  5. You can draw multiple exclusion zones. Select a new combination of features to exclude each time if you want.

    Edit Exclusion Zones

    You can edit an existing exclusion zone.

  6. Click on the Exclusion Zone you want to edit. Right-click to use the Highlight and Zoom To tools to locate the zone on the map, if necessary.
  7. Select or deselect the checkboxes to obtain your desired configuration.
  8. The map will automatically update to reflect your changes.

    Remove Exclusion Zones

    You can delete an existing exclusion zone. Right-click the zone and select Remove Exclusion Zone.

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