Edit Duct Bank

Use this task to edit the attributes of an existing duct bank. In order to edit a duct bank, it must be associated to a conduit.

  1. Select the Edit Duct Bank task.

  2. Click the Select Duct Bank button and click a duct on the diagram. This displays the Conduit Configuration window.

  3. Use this dialog to select and edit duct attributes.
  4. The Rows/Cols button allows you to re-create the configuration. You can create an entirely new set of ducts. This will disassociate any associated conductors.
  5. The Create button allows you to create a new duct. It will have the attributes specified in the fields above.
  6. Select a duct and click Delete to remove the duct from the duct bank.
  7. Edit Subducts allows you to view ducts within the selected duct. If no ducts are available within the selected ducts, you may place them using the Create button. Up One Level navigates out of the subducts into the next level up.
  8. Click OK to save changes and Cancel to dismiss the form without saving.
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