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Edit tasks support user interaction when placing a feature. A simple example is the ArcFM Manual Angle Setter, which requires the user to define the symbol's rotation angle when adding a new point feature. Edit tasks can also be used with other editing tools including ArcMap sketch construction (like angle, distance, etc.) tools.

ArcFM Edit tasks are available through the Esri Edit Task command. The Esri Edit Task command can be added to the Editor toolbar through the Customize dialog box. You should also add the Target Layer command to the Editor toolbar.

Display Name


ArcFM Manual Angle Setter

Allows the user to set the angle of a point feature before placement and saves the new angle value and geometry.

ArcFM Linear Point

Inserts a point feature at the last point of the line edit sketch. Allows ArcMap sketch construction tools (angle, distance, etc.) to be used to place new point feature.

ArcFM Dot to Dot

Allows the user to define a single feature by defining its coordinates based on a number of anchor lines. This tool may be used for multiple features. The Dot to Dot edit task is available for use only with the Template tool.

ArcFM Radial

Used with the Template Tool to connect spans (secondary overhead conductor, for example) from the start point (transformer) to several end points (service points) when the user sketches a single line.

Your administrator may create custom edit tasks specific to your business needs (see the ArcFM Solution Resource Center).

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