Edit Autotext Elements

Whether or not the font properties of autotext elements are editable will depend on how your adminstrator implemented the functionality. If the font properties are not editable, the Autotext tab will not be available.

  1. Once an autotext element has been placed in the Layout view, you may edit its font attributes.
  2. Double-click the autotext element or right-click and select Properties.
  3. Click Edit Text Symbol. Here you may modify font, color, and size.

  4. Edit the text properties as desired.

  5. Click OK in the Symbol Selector window.
  6. In the ArcFM Autotext Properties window, click Apply or OK to save changes.
  7. To refresh autotext elements, right-click in the Layout view (outside of the map data frame) and select Refresh ArcFM Autotext.

    You may add the Refresh ArcFM Autotext button to a toolbar. This tool is available in ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer. This button allows you to refresh your autotext elements after adding them or modifying their properties. Right-click on the gray area around your toolbars and select Customize. Click the Commands tab and select ArcFM Solution from the Categories window. Drag the button onto a toolbar. Close the Customize window.

    TIP: The default autotext element font properties are the same as the Default Symbol Properties found in the ArcMap Drawing menu. Modifying the Default Symbol Properties will also change the default autotext element properties.
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